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What is Website Development?

Website development can perhaps be seen as a further step following the initial design of the site. Readers of this blog will learn what actions are necessary to maintain and develop a website once it is up and running. This fascinating topic includes real-life examples of database technology and server-side coding. A website developer is responsible for the site's correct functioning, rather than its appearance, and it can be a lucrative career. Web developers can work in-house or be freelancers and should be good at problem solving and communication. It's certainly a job that will become more in demand in the future.

Qualities of a Good Web Developer

6 May 2021

A web developer is actually someone who develops websites. To choose one, you will need to look at their qualities, such as being flexible and having a technical mindset. Other attributes to look out for in a web developer include teamwork, willingness to learn, and an analytical attitude.

What Does Web Development Entail?

3 Apr 2021

Web development is a process involving three main approaches, which are site building, site creation, and site maintenance. The process covers such aspects as using a program like Dreamweaver to build a site, using text editors to hand code pages, and using a blogging site to update blogs.