Five Best Practices for Businesses on Social Media

Five Best Practices for Business on Social Media

Countless businesses have made the mistake of entering social network only to be rejected by the community because of their false interaction with others. Although there aren’t any set ‘rules’ to using social media there are a few best practices within this article that you should consider prior to and during your use of social media for your business.

1: Share Worthwhile Content

Share content that’s valuable to the community. Avoid content that’s overly promotional or has no benefit to the end user. Find what your community wants to consume and deliver it to them. You will find that much of the information people want to consume is related to what you have to offer. Sharing content related to your business will keep you in mind when others go to look at each piece of content.

2: Listen

Listen to what your community has to offer; talk to them about the content they’ve shared and how you can best help them in their own ventures. Forget business for a moment and think about what you can offer people other than a marketing message. Try to genuinely help people with what they’re working on. Helping others without the thought of gaining something in return eventually comes back to you and your business through positive interaction with your community.

3: Remember the WIIFM Factor

The ‘What’s In It For Me’ factor should always be on your mind whenever you publish a social media update. If your message does not provide value to the end user than it may be best to forgo sending out a message at this time. Always remember that the bottom line for your community is the value that you provide; it’s an equal exchange of information between business and its community.

4: Don’t Overdo It

Don’t force your community to follow you on hundreds of social networks; pick a few that work best for your business and stick to them. Likewise, keep your status updates to a minimum to avoid overloading your community with information. Keep your messages to only that which provides value whether it’s one publish a day or a dozen but never push it to hundreds every hour.

5: Engage

Always remember that the fundamental reason people use social media is to engage with others. Don’t be caught up with publishing new marketing messages with each push. Talk to your community directly in a casual manner asking them what’s new, if they need help or simply what they’re up to for the day. In short, treat your social media interaction like you would with a best friend; casual and transparent.

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